Monday, November 30, 2009

Brisbane Regionals 2009

What a great day it was! Thanks to Liz for driving to South Bank, from where we walked to the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane for a day of training and inspiration. Aaron Scott was MC for the day, leading us through the presentations and 'workshop wows'; he even showed us some of his early work as a grafitti artist(!) before sharing a card idea with us. Somehow Leonie ended up with the finished project which I'm sure she had him autograph to sell on eBay!

Thanks also to Rachael who stepped in at the last minute as my guest - I hope you enjoyed your day and not just my poor attempt at belly dancing... and no I don't have photos!

Kate had a great time swapping cards with other demos, I was very slack and ran out of time to create anything. In fact I think people will be lucky to get Christmas cards this year the rate I'm going!

Me and Aaron, I'm sure he felt something of a celebrity being asked for a photo, but I'm not proud to ask! Shame about the EXIT sign above his head.

Liz was surprised with a bouquet of flowers, created by none other than Ursula. We all appreciate how much effort she puts in to supporting and organising us all, and creating lovely projects for us to make at our meetings, and for all the charity work helping the Mater Mothers.

Me, Liz, Anna and Kate.
When the day was over we went to Ahmet's turkish restaurant at South Bank, boy was it a hot night, we had been frozen in the air con at the hotel, so it was a big shock walking back through the city. I would like to say what a fantastic day I had, made even better by sharing it with friends.

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