Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy birthday Britney!

On the 20th September I went to a party - Britney's 10th birthday party! And I wasn't there just to scoff the food, her Mum Elisa had asked me to put a scrapbooking workshop together that Britney and her four friends could try. The girls were so excited, I hope it wasn't just the lollies! As you can see, we made a friendship page, I took them through it step by step, and they all did a fabulous job. Elisa tok this photo, and others with it, for them to put on their page after they had finished, and it worked a treat. Thanks Elisa for asking me to help out, and thanks Britney for your enthusiasm!


  1. The pages look great! Glad you have found some nubies to inspire!

  2. Thanks Jus, they were itching to get started, but equally excited to go and play party games!