Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scarp-a-lope class

The first scheduled scrap-a-lope class took place on Friday night, and I really enjoyed showing the ladies how to make this beautiful ready-to-post scrapbook. Tegan was only little when this photo was taken, she was a cutie, hey?

As you can see Elisa and Justine loved their scrap-a-lope so much they decided to stay later and make another version with some of their left over kit. Thanks for proving the instructions worked girls!

If you would like to schedule your own scrap-a-lope class, book now before the end of November when I will no longer be able to purchase the Ski Slope paper; it is one of the lovely items from the Spring mini Catalogue that is only available until 30th November!


  1. Thanks for the great ideas. My friend just loved the second scrap-a-lope that I made. You are such a clever little chicky!

  2. Would love you to bring this to the meeting tomorrow night... it looks great Felicity.
    Well done xo