Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Stamp Club
This month we made some funky creations with our punches. I had sourced a few ideas from the web (everyone seemed to have similar ideas so there isn't really any one source to thank, so thanks to all!) and everyone got a paper bag with the items they needed to make the animal or character inside. After a brief run down of how to make them everyone got cracking.
I had an easy time of it for a change, offering advice on the punch creations when needed. Thanks go to Kim for hosting this month, I know it's hard to escape the house on your own these days, so coming to you was a nice change. Back to normal next month, the 25th July, at my place. Here are the finished pieces, displayed beautifully by Kim and Danielle;

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  1. These Characters were so cute and fun to make! Thanks! I know they will find there way into my scrapbook albums and may make an apperance on some birthday cards!