Saturday, April 9, 2011

Craft retreat 2011

Well we had a fantastic time, and I can't believe it's been a week already since we were away down the coast at Coolangatta for a weekend of paper-crafting. I loaded the XL-7 to the brim with all my stuff, and just had room for Sylvia, who said "never mind, some of this won't be returning so we'll have more space on the return journey". We arrived just after 11am on Friday, missing our turning because we were talking so much, and had to double back through Twin Towns. We re-arranged the tables and had two cups of tea before we were satisfied that everyone had enough space to craft in! Next to arrive was Elaine but not until later in the day, closely followed by Teresa and Sharon. Elisa, Rachelle and Neda got there just before dark, luckily Rachelle knew the way.

We decided to go out for dinner along the main drag in Cooly. We went to the Ruby Thai restaurant, and had a nice meal there. Mine was a bit too spicy and I ended up forgetting what the dish contained because all I could taste was chili. But it was fun to get together with everyone.

I had arranged a couple of competitions for a bit of fun, and so that evening when we got back we had a memory game where you had to look at things on a tray and then remember what they were after they were covered up. Meegan did very well, closely followed by Sylvia and Sharon I think (sorry if my memory isn't that great - I would have failed miserably at that game!) Meegan won a stamp set and the others won scrapping goodies.

Saturday was a glorious day compared to Friday's rainy clouds. Meegan and I got up for some exercise on the beach at 6am, and after a leisurely breakfast we got into some crafting. Most of the girls had made a project kit for others to make, and so there were six projects to choose from (I'll post pictures when Blogger stops mucking me around!)

More to follow...

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